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FBT Vertus Large PA System CLA 118SA CLA 406A Twin Stack 4200w Line Array Band


FBT Vertus CLA 118SA & 406A Package

Package includes: 2x CLA 406A Array Speakers, 2x CLA 118SA Subwoofers + 2 x Poles to mount subs to sats.

Steeped in classic Italian design and acoustic expertise, the FBT VERTUS CLA406A & CLA118SA system has been created with the aim of extending the undisputed success of true line array technology into a new range of applications. The column system is compact and elegant, with a refined yet functional design. Most importantly it offers an uncompromising sound quality capable of successfully solving applications where conventional systems just can’t cut it.

This system, made up of 2 x Vertus CLA 406A columns and 2 x CLA 118SA subs, brings you the high-end sound quality and improved dispersion of the line array columns with the added reinforcement of the 18inch, 2400W combined subwoofers. The CLA118SA subs act as a support and base for the CLA406A columns that can be applied, via included hardware, with M20 points positioned on the top of the subs.

The CLA406A & 118SA is a truly professional line array system that, despite its compact size, still delivers an impressive SPL of 133dB for the tops and 138dB for the subs. It can be integrated elegantly and with minimal intrusion into any environment that requires high quality full-range sound with powerful directional control.

Key Features:

- High-end sound quality with a frequency response of 33Hz to 20kHz, designed specifically for live applications

- Improved dispersion within a set listening area plus extended projection

- High power performance and dynamic range thanks to the tri-amplification system

- Portability and modularity – elements can be rapidly daisy-chained via a quick release system, extending both the vertical directivity and sound pressure level

- Design and elegance for easy integration even in the most demanding installations – the compact dimensions ensure listeners will focus on the sound and not the speaker!

- Wide horizontal dispersion

- Massive low-end response from bass-reflex subs whose design minimises turbulence and power compression


CLA406A Columns:

2-way bi-amplified line array column system

4 x 165mm (6.5”)  custom woofer with a 38mm (1.5”) voice coil 

B&C HF neodymium driver with 36mm (1.4”) exit and 64mm (2.5”) voice coil

Waveguide FBT large format with dispersion 100 ° H x 25 ° V

Frequency response from 65Hz to 20KHz

Amplifiers Class D 600Wrms for LF and HF 300Wrms with switching power supply

Processor DSP with 8 EQ presets

Control Panel with XLR input and link, volume, presets, filter-HP, ground-lift

Neutrik powerCON power IN and LINK connectors

12mm (1/2”) birch plywood with scratch-resistant coating.

12 attachment points above and below for the optional hardware that allows the installation of hanging or pair two CLA406A with angle of 0 ° - 10 ° - 20 ° in the vertical plane

Top side tilted 10 ° for the inclination of two columns without damaging gap between the waveguides for a wavefront extremely consistent over the 18kHz

35mm (1.3/8”)  top hat for stand mount facility

Code: 39680

Configuration: Line Array - 2 Way

Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 600/300w RMS

Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF: 1200/600W

Frequency response: 65Hz - 20kHz

Low Frequency woofer: 4x 6.5" with 1.5" VC

High Frequency driver: 1x 1.4" Neodymium with 2.5" VC

Maximum SPL cont/peak: 133dB

Dispersion: 100 x 25 (H x V)

Input impedance: 22kohm

Crossover Frequency: 1.2kHz

AC Power requirements: 640VA

Input connector: XLR with link out

Power cord: 5m PowerCon True1

Net Dimension (WxHxD): 190 x 1235 x 290mm

Net Weight: 27kg

Transport Dimension (WxHxD): 290 x 1235 x 390mm

Transport Weight: 32kg

CLA118SA Subs:

Active subwoofer in bass-reflex design

460mm (18”) B&C high excursion woofer with 75mm (3”) voice coil

Frequency response from 33Hz to 100Hz

1200W RMS Class D power amplifier with switching mode power supply

Processor DSP with 8 presets, cardioid configuration, delay

Control Panel with XLR input and link, volume, presets, delay, phase 0 ° -180 °, ground-lift

Neutrik powerCON power IN and LINK connectors

15mm (5/8”) birch plywood with scratch-resistant coating Stackable

M20 (20mm) top mount speaker stand socket, two die-cast aluminium carrying handles with rubber inserts

Optional 4 swivel-mount casters 80mm (3.15”) on request

Suitable for low frequency extension and reinforcement of the CLA406A array, especially for live performance

Code: 39681

Configuration: 1 Way bass reflex

Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 1200W RMS

Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF: 2400w

Frequency response: 33Hz - 120Hz

Low Frequency woofer: 18" with 3" VC

Maximum SPL cont/peak: 134 / 138dB

Dispersion: Omnidirectional

Input impedance: 22kohm

Crossover Frequency: Preset Dependent

AC Power requirements: 640VA

Input connector: XLR with link out

Power cord: 5m PowerCon True1

Net Dimension (WxHxD): 550 x 550 x 660mm

Net Weight: 40kg

Transport Dimension (WxHxD): 700 x 700 x 800mm

Transport Weight: 50kg


Collection only or call to arrange extra courier costs.

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